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"We needed tree advice as well as planting advice, and RMS Trees provided both. Our much-loved but badly diseased and dangerous oak tree was removed, and  the logs made into a wildlife habitat in a shady corner of our garden. Two beautiful ornamental birches were supplied and planted and thrive to this day. RMS Trees provided maintenance advice and aftercare and we are shortly having them back to plant  more trees"! 
Mr and Mrs Handford, London E4.
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Do I always need permission to work on a protected tree?

Yes except for:
• Cutting down trees in accordance with one of the Forestry Commission's grant schemes, or where the commission has granted a felling licence.
You can cut down or cut back a tree under the following exemptions:
• If the tree is dead, dying or dangerous.
• In line with an obligation under an Act of Parliament.
• At the request of certain organisations specified in the order.
• If it is directly in the way of development that is about to start for which detailed planning permission has been granted.
• In a commercial orchard, or pruning fruit trees in accordance with good horticultural practice.
• To prevent or control a legal nuisance (you may find it helpful to check first with a solicitor).

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